Pay for as low as Php3,500 per month and you have a lot investment for a home or a real estate property for re-sale in the future. This is located in  Bang-bang, Cordova Cebu near the soon-to-open 3rd Mactan Bridge.

Imagine the accessibility and real estate pricing by the time the 3rd Mactan bridge is open. Get it while it’s still affordable.

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Lot area: 89 sqm
Total selling price: Php400,500.00

Reservation: Php5,000.00
Downpayment:  Php40,050.00

Payment options:
1 year:  Php 33,375.00
3years:  Php 11,125.00
4 years: Php 8,344.00
5 years: Php 6,675.00